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You are about to embark on a journey of inner discovery through art, where you will learn a new way to create!

I am a French visual artist and a healer. I use painting as a transformative tool alongside energetic work to assist people in their journey. My heart is helping people to be more in touch with their body language, intuition, and inner knowing to flow easier with their creative process and life experiences.


Painting has always been my passion and my life. I started my career by restoring murals in cultural heritage buildings in France. I focused more on developing my creativity when I landed in Portland, OR 2017. Alongside rediscovering my creative self, I started to take Pranic Healing classes. It was the starting point of a new adventure. I discovered my ability to sense the energy of others and myself.

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I began noticing the relationship between my "being" and my "do" and how they are intrinsic. At first, while I was painting, then later in my daily life. During those moments when I felt light and at peace with myself and with life, my paint strokes on the paper flowed naturally without any blockages. I felt my creativity flowing sweetly from the inside out on the paper. I was in creative flow! It was a magical moment!

But that state of being was far from happening every day. My monkey mind was often too loud, my thoughts too critical, and I was cutting off my creativity.

How is it possible to access those moments of creative flow? How to induce them? Do external situations imprinted in my state of being cut my creativity?

Until I started applying my meditation and energy work to my painting practice, these tools helped me calm my mind, which was taking over my creativity. It helped me to create based on intuition and self-confidence instead of a logical and critical mindset.


Today, painting is a way to connect with and converse with my inner world. It helps me to integrate, embrace and materialize my healing process in this world. I believe that sharing my experience and knowledge will help people embrace their creativity and be less shy to explore their inner world. When you find your creative flow on your paper, you start to implement it in your daily life. It is the beauty of embracing our creative selves.



Meditative painting is an intuitive method of painting.

The artist paints their internal landscape, capturing their energy and emotions in the experience.

These classes focus on the creative process, not technique, skill, or training.


No prior experience is necessary.

No skill is required.

✔️All materials provided.



In this Series of 9 classes, we will explore our energy system through teaching, healing meditation, and meditative painting. 

This new series will help us to explore our inner landscape by discovering each main wheel of light that composes our body, mind, and spirit.

These classes focus on expressing our inner world through a creative process, not technique, skill, or training.


No prior experience is necessary.

No skill is required.

✔️All materials provided.



My motherhood journey since 2020 has led me to teach art to 3 to 10-year-old children. It has been three years now, and I love creating new and fun curriculum for our little creative.


My goal is not only to let them explore their creativity and be confident with it but also to teach them to gain calmness through mindful activities.


Before any creative time, I invite them to experience a mindful time where they can appreciate and connect with their imagination, their senses, and the present moment. `

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