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Meditative Paintings

Unlock your creativity within you.  

It will be fun and profound and, it will trigger your creative potential in a radically new way. Whether you have never held a paintbrush or are a seasoned artist, you are most welcome.

During each class, we will warm up with fun and mindful exercises and small meditations before deepening into the meditative painting session.

These three classes will allow us to go deeper each time we meet our blank page. By practicing it a few times in a row you will learn to embody a part of this intuitive experience through art. You will comprehend better how and why to connect with your body, heart, mind, and soul and the process of consciously integrating these messages through an art process.

I will guide you to explore your internal landscape, capturing its energy and emotions in the experience. These classes focus on the creative process, not technique, skill, or training.

No prior experience is necessary. No skill is required. ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED.

Process art is designed to be : 

  • facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

  • free from comparison and critique

  • focused on the experience rather than the finished product

  • practiced in silence

  • a journey into the unknown

  • an opportunity to inhabit the present moment.

  • a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery.


Each class will have a specific intention.

During the first class, we will open the magic door of our heart, the guardian of our life at all levels of understanding. The one which helps us to see our truth-self.

The second class will focus on our Sun, the one which shows us how to be radiant, to be bold, and show up in our unique way. We will explore the masculine part of ourselves.

The third class will focus on our Moon, the one which supports us until our deep water, the one which no matter what will show us the way through love and compassion.

Each class will carry a specific frequency to help us in the process. As an energy worker, I will create specific meditations for this class and it will harmonize your energy and help your body, mind, and spirit to get aligned with the energy of the moment.

We will begin each session with a connection with your body and a short meditation in a seated circle and end back in the circle for reflection on the experience.


I recommend bringing :

- a book note with you. Some insights or realizations can come to you during the painting session, and you might want to write them down.

- water bottle or any drink to keep you hydrated during the class.

comfortable clothes.

Places are limited to 10 people, please reserve your spot in advance.

You can reserve your spot via Eventbrite.  

You can also pay me via Venmo at @Fullyart (Sophie Piedra-Mansuet). 

Please, notify me which option you took and which date you will attend (if it is only for one class). When you receive the confirmation, you can then transfer the money via Venmo.  


Thank you.

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