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Vibrational Art

Vibrational Art is a painting imprinted with a specific energy. Yes, It sounds weird. Take a moment to think about quantum physics. Quantum physics reveals that matter is composed of an amalgam of particles and empty spaces that are constantly in movement. All matter is made of subtle energy; therefore, objects can absorb and share energy. All my artworks are embedded with a specific vibration to assist you in your journey. As an energy worker, I let a specific frequency go through me and settle into and around the art. Each piece of art carries its own vibration. This vibration is connected to their title and can benefit you in different ways. You can read the description for more information regarding the art you feel attracted to.

collection moon 3 .jpg
moon collection .jpg

How can you benefit from it?

Each piece of art can be placed as an altar, a wall decor, or carried with you if it is a small piece. With an open mind and the willingness to receive its vibration, you will benefit from it and even feel the energy. 
Please take a moment to meditate in front of it. First, keep your eyes open and let the colors nourish your Soul, then put your palms up, ready to receive and close your eyes. Stay a few minutes to let the download go through you. It will feed your body, mind, and Soul.

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