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Meditative Paintings & Chakras

Explore your energy system through creativity.  

These classes will be a series of 9 courses that will help you explore your subtle energy. 


All living beings on this planet are composed of physical and subtle energy bodies. We all have this universal life force energy within us.

When this one is unbalanced, it is hard to go through your day smoothly. Being aware of your main energy centers can help you balance the flow of your life. Identifying, sensing, and developing your ability to dive into your inner world will help you understand yourself better and, therefore, shift the blockages that come your way. 


As an empath, discovering how my energetic system worked has been a game changer for me. Understanding how it impacts my body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit and how to shift these blockages helped me live a more precise, balanced, and peaceful life, and we can all access and work with it. I firmly believe it should even be taught to the youngest age. It is an incredible tool for knowing your subtle energy and chakra system to have a more harmonious perception of life. 


For this reason, I decided to create this meditative painting series that will help you be more familiar with our chakral system and how it communicates with you in its own way. It will include a teaching part, a healing meditation, and a creative time to integrate a specific energy by painting it on paper.


During each class, we will explore one energy center, realign this center, and then create a meditative painting that will honor each wheel of light. 

These classes will help us understand our forces and blockages; we will explore these parts of ourselves and create an intuitive painting depicting this inner world. 


Meditative painting is an intuitive method of painting. 

The artist paints their internal landscape, capturing their energy and emotions in the experience. 

These classes focus on the creative process, not technique, skill, or training.

No prior experience is necessary. No skill is required. ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED.

Process art is designed to be : 

  • facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

  • free from comparison and critique

  • focused on the experience rather than the finished product

  • practiced in silence

  • a journey into the unknown

  • an opportunity to inhabit the present moment.

  • a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery.


Each class will explore one main energy center.



    Our subtle body - you are energy.

II     Root Chakra - I am safe in this abundant life.

III    Sacral Chakra - I am embracing life.

IV   Navel Chakra - I am unique. 

  Solar Plexus Chakra - I am peacefully confident with life. 

VI   Heart Chakra - I am one with all. All is within me.

VII  Throat Chakra- I am my authentic voice.

VIII Ajna Chakra- I am multidimentionel. 

IX   Coronal Chakra- I am.

I recommend bringing :

- a book note with you. Some insights or realizations can come to you during the painting session, and you might want to write them down.

- water bottle or any drink to keep you hydrated during the class.

- comfortable clothes.

Places are limited to 10 people, please reserve your spot in advance.

You can reserve your spot via Eventbrite.  

You can also pay me via Venmo at @Fullyart (Sophie Piedra-Mansuet). 

Please, notify me which option you took and which date you will attend (if it is only for one class). When you receive the confirmation, you can then transfer the money via Venmo.  


With love.


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