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Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a non-touch healing medicine that strengths the aura (bioplasmic body) and cleans the chakra (spinning wheels of light) to keep the physical, emotional, and mental bodies in high vibration and good Health. 

Energy medicine uses life force energy (Prana in Sanskrit). There are three sources of prana: air, ground, and solar prana. By absorbing them, our body stays alive and healthy. However, if your body has some blockages, it will be difficult to assimilate this natural and unlimited energy. With energy medicine, I will use air prana to unlock your energy flow, boost your vitality, and optimize your wellness and Health.

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Our Health is conducted by this Life force energy within and all around us. Our overall energy is tightly connected to our wellness and how we dance with life. How we perceive life can be altered by many factors we experience throughout life and beyond. These experiences build up our conscious and unconscious minds, create our thoughts and repetitive emotions, and affect our bodies. This web of our existence is imprinted in our energy field. Everything is interconnected and influences our daily well-being.


Energy medicine uses different approaches to help you gain awareness, understand, shift and integrate these imprinted energy blockages at physical, emotional, and mental levels but beyond what our mind can grasp.

At the moment, I only do distance healing Via zoom or WhatsApp.

How Energy medicine works? 

Energy medicine is based on two laws : the body can heal itself. 
For life to exist, the body needs prana, life force energy. 
By enhancing prana and bring light to the stuck parts of you, it will assist your body, mind, emotion and spirit to heal faster

What to expect during a session? 

Session last 60mins.

I use my hands to release blockages that prevent prana to flow. Messages can come to assist you in your healing process. 
I can also give you some tools at the end to help you enhance the benefits of the session.


Who can benefit from it ? 

Anyone who is open and willing to receive healing frequencies from the univers. too much resistance can block the flow of energy. Letting the mind go and let your heart take the lead will allow you to feel that will be given to you.

What is distance energy healing?

Distance healing is based on two principles:

Principle of interconnectedness. Everything is connected including the energy body of the healer and the patient during a session.
Principle of intention: energy follows thoughts and intention.

What to expect during and after a treatment?

60 mins session


Energy of number 88 : Infinity, Harmony, Money.

Although energy work is a powerful energy therapy. It should be emphasized that it is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If the ailment is severe or symptoms persist, please also consult a medical doctor. I will only treat your energy system, please in any case do not stop or reduce your dosage of medicine without consulting your doctor.

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