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Three tips to take care of your heart

Do you know that your heart has formidable intelligence and intuitive knowledge? The heart is tied into every system and every cell of your body. It also contains its own independent nervous system, comprised of more than 40,000 neurons! However, our minds tend to take over and let a little space for our heart. Listening to our heart at least once a day helps us calm down our nervous system, balance our endocrine systems that regulate our main hormones (such as Oxytocin, Cortisol, Leptin, and Insulin…), and soothe our emotions.

At a deeper level, it helps to change our perception of the world and intuitive mind. Our heart contributes significantly to our overall well-being. What can we do to encourage our heart?

I am going to give you a few tips to help your heart feel more at peace throughout the day and help us better accept and deal with our daily external and internal conflicts. You can also do these exercises with your family.

First, breathing: we all know how breathing is tightly connected to our life force energy and is essential to our survival on this planet. However, living consciously is so much more powerful than what we think. Here, I am giving you a little breathing/visualization exercise to help you breathe in conscience and assist your heart's well-being throughout the day.

When you first breathe in and out from your belly (as a child), imagine a slightly violet electric light regenerating your heart, pulse, arteries, veins, and blood circulation. Imagine your heart being strong and healthy, supporting your entire body system. This violet light is coming down to your heart to renew its proprieties and coming out by flushing out all its toxins. It is the same for regulating your emotions. When you feel sad, your heart is tight, or your mood is low, you can apply the same exercise by putting the intention to release the emotions that don't serve you. It will help to soothe them and not take over your day.

The second tip, use your words:

either aloud or in your mind, words are very potent, and we can use them to speak to our heart, to communicate with it as if it is a friend, loved one, or even a soul mate. Tell your heart thank you for being here. Tell him that you want to support it, take care of it, and be more aware of what messages it gives you. What this does is help your heart to cool down and relax a little bit. by feeling more at peace, your heart will easily regulate your emotions, cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and nervous system.

Visualization is another potent tool that we can easily use throughout our day. With the eyes closed or not, imagine your heart expanding. First, around your physical body, a little bit bigger, then the size of a couple of blocks, then your city, country, continent, world, and solar system. This expansion feel will help you to ground better. It happens naturally when you expand your heart's energy field. Then you will feel some peace within, as you are whole and part of all that is it. It is a potent exercise. If you have never done this visualization before, it is better to do it first, eyes closed in a calm place, to feel what is happening in your body when you expand your heart.

These three tips are easy to implement in your daily life and very efficient to quickly calm your mind, relax your body, and feel your heart.

Give it a try!

Please let me know what works better for you. I am curious to know about your experience.

Have a lovely day!

Thanks for following along!


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