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What is subtle energy?

All living being on this planet is composed of physical and subtle energy bodies. We all have a life force within us that is made of a complex connection between our visible body and our bioplasmic body (our Aura).

Our Aura is composed of different layers, and each one of them is attached to different perceptions we have about life. The mental, emotional, and etheric bodies are some of the most known. We will speak more about our Auric field in another post.

Our energetic system maintains our life force energy, called Prana in Sanskrit.

This energy of life can be found easily in Nature through the Sun, the air, and the ground. Our body is constantly absorbing these pranic particles to stay alive and healthy. The more you absorb the Prana consciously, the more you will boost, vitalize, and optimize your wellness and health.

Prana is conducted by spinning wheels of light to connect our physical and subtle bodies. They are called Chakras in Sanskrit and act like a vortex and allow us to draw the Prana to our body and help us to regulate our overall flow of energy. From the chakras come out an infinite network of tubular organs that channels the energy flows called Nadis. Nadis are infinite tubular organs going throughout the body. They are unseen, unlike the meridians, that are physically seen. Nadis and meridians are pathways in which energy travels within our tissues that run on each side of the body.

Our subtle system is composed of multiple chakras located above, below, in front, back, and side of our visible body. These wheels nourish our cells, organs, mind, and all the systems that constitute our physical body (lymphatic, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems).

Major Chakras are located in the primary acupuncture points. These energy centers not only control and energize the significant and vital organs of the visible physical body but also influence our psychological and spiritual state.

In the energy world, people usually mention seven mains Chakras connected to the physical body, but I work with eleven Majors Chakras connected to the physical bodies, and others connected to the spiritual realm. Each Main Chakras has sub-chakras.

For example, the root Chakra at the base of the spin has at least six sub-chakras ( both sides of the hips, the knees, and the feet). Of course, there are many Chakras, and the more you explore the unseen world, the more you discover new connections and new wheels of light.

Chakras are often drawn as lotus flowers with pointed petals; the reason is when you can see them at a slower speed, you can see that their shapes look like a flower. When there are in motion, they represent a circle.

A chakra is constituted of different parts. Like a flower, they have a circular center, a stem, and a root that connects them to our column of light, also called the central meridian.

The chakras have different functions; they absorb and distribute the Prana in our body system:

- They control and energize our other physical systems, glands, and organs.

- They balance our minds and emotions.

- They can also develop specific psychic abilities.

They are often depicted with different colors that resonate with different frequencies, and each chakra is filled with multiple colors. The colors I applied to my paintings are meant to send you a specific vibration your body will feel and integrate.

By regularly cleansing our chakras system, we are improving our well-being in all areas of our life.

It is an essential component of our health, and today more energy work is starting to be integrated into modern medicinal practice.

Thank you for reading.

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet

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