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Physical Healing

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Energy medicine helps the body to heal faster. By removing or adding life force energy to the etheric body (…), we can enhance the healing effect on our body and easily achieve the balance of physiological functions.

Most people live their life with constant pain, allergies, and lack of sleep. Can you imagine a life without constantly feeling your body tight, hurtful, or reacting to an external sensor?

I used to have allergies six months a year, no matter where I was. I woke up with swollen eyes and sniffed all day long. It had a real impact on my physical health but also an emotional one. I could be easily irritable due to the tiredness created by my allergies. When I started Pranic healing as a patient first, I right away started to see some physiological improvements! When I knew how to heal myself, I was using energy work as soon as my allergens symptoms were starting to show up. My sniffing and puffy eyes were getting better and better and after one month I didn't have any more symptoms. Now, I am living in Portland, Oregon known for these strong environmental allergens and I don’t have any sign of allergy anymore!

Energy medicine can help with general physical ailments and diseases.

A healthy person can feel significant improvement after a few sessions:

  • The common cold and respiratory disorders, such as hay fever and seasonal allergies.

  • Immune system support.

  • Pregnancy support.

  • Gastrointestinal problems.

  • Pain management.

"A person is like a tree. Unless the nutrients from the roots go up to the tree. The tree will not bloom and bear fruits."

Master Choa Kok Sui- Founder of Pranic Healing

Thank you for reading,

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet

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