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New Art Studio !

Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to announce the opening of my new studio, next month!

After staying one year in half in my angle studio in my tiny apartment, I finally jump into an Art studio, ready to expose myself more to the public! Yeah!

It is not only having a creative space where I can go out and market my art, this studio is also a way for me to be part of a community. I will share this space with six other artists; I can't wait to meet the others! The other positive part is this space is totally new! We are the first one, and we can create better all together! We all have a spot at Annex Radius community Art studio. This Art community is growing and just adds a new Annex location at 3022 E Burnside St!

Here, more about Radius community:

"Radius Studio serves as production space for 50+ members and is the home of many practicing artists whose media include painting, ceramics, fashion design, sculpture, leatherwork, fibers, illustration, printmaking and more."

In my point of view, this studio is about initiative. Creativity, sure, but mostly the initiative to make a new thing, a better thing, a process that leads to better and together. It goes hand in hand with the renewal energy of the spring and his transcendent flow!

Here, my lovely spot! Ready to create more!

I am starting a new series of birds from Pacific North West. All of the birds that have crossed my path to send me a message. How I am connecting to them, meet them and learn from them.

This series will be created on wood panel of 12x12 inches, and painted with an ancient technique from antiquity. A technique that I want to bring to the public, the art of fresco!

Fresco is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid, or wet lime plaster. The colors used are natural or synthetic pigments. I adapt this technique to match on a wood support and having more time to execute the painting. However, I used the same materials, directly import for France.

I have lived in Portland for one year and half now, and It feels good to be in a new place where I can meet new people, new artists, and being part of a community in Portland!

It is a beautiful way to start the Spring 2019! I am very excited to be part of the team of Radius community art studio!

Thanks for reading!

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet.

Do you want to see more? click here .

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