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Meditative paintings

In this post, I will speak about how I started creating meditative paintings and what is this creative practice.

Mountains feel

Painting has always been my passion and my living. I started my career by restoring murals in cultural heritage buildings in France. I developed my creativity more when I landed in Portland, OR in 2017. At the same time in my life, I started taking Pranic Healing classes. I discovered my ability to sense the energy of others and myself. This year was a turning point in my career and life. I began noticing the relationship between my “being” and my “do” and how they are intrinsic. At first, while I was painting, then later in my daily life.

Those moments when I felt light and relaxed with myself and with life, my paint strokes on the paper flowed naturally without any blockages. I felt my creativity flowing sweetly from inside out on the paper. I was in creative flow! What a magical moment!

But that state of being was far from happening every day. My monkey mind was often too loud, my thoughts too critical, and I was cutting my creativity.

How is it possible to access those moments of creative flow? How to induce them? Do external situations imprinted in my state of being cut my creativity?

Until I start applying my meditation and energy work to my painting practice. These tools helped me to calm down my mind that was taking over my creativity. It helped me to create based on intuition and self-confidence instead of a logical and critical mindset.

What is meditative painting exactly?

The main focus of this practice is the process. It is a practice of personal development and wellness that helps the person awaken, expand and empower their inner self through the connection of intuition, creative flow, and spontaneous expression. In this process, you are creating art using the inner awareness centered in the heart. It is generally not defined as an art in the traditional sense. You will not use analytic techniques (perspective, geometry, anatomy,…) to paint, but you will use colors, lines, and shapes in a way; that makes you feel good!

You will offer yourself to explore your inner child through the process of painting in a safe and uncritical environment that will be connected to your unique creativity, your unique you.

Imagine a child painting. When he is painting, He doesn’t ask himself if it will be beautiful or what others will think about his creation. He takes the first color he is attracted to and thoroughly applies his first brush stroke to the support. Is there logic behind it? No, just a joy to see the first color appear on the paper in a free and spontaneous manner. He doesn’t have any attachment, meaning,

or control. Everything is creation, movement, color, paper, brush stroke, not only the end product.

This meditative painting teaches us to lose attachment, control, and logic and reveal our true inner selves. This uniqueness is in each of us.

This creative, meditative practice assists us in increasing our personal and spiritual awareness and mindfulness. It is personally transformative because it helps people become authentic versions of themselves.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet

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