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How Art relieves stress?

Seeing Art can help us to release stress.

It is for this reason I start to question how Art can have a positive impact on people. Some painter artists are more oriented to societal, political, and natural subjects.

In my case, I love creating art that will have a beneficial healing effect on others and myself. I am using colors, texture, lines, and shapes to express my feelings and state of being. These paintings are imprints of the energy and intention that I am putting into each of them, and people who see them will resonate more with the feeling that brings these artworks instead of focusing on the subject.

It is the same concept that I will teach in the Meditative painting class series.

My heart is to facilitate a safe space where it is "ok" to express our feelings.

It will be a moment where we will calm the incessant chattering of our minds to focus on the present moment. Being in a state of presence will help us to concentrate on other kinds of communication than thoughts, such as our body or emotions. Often tensions in our body or emotions bring us some uncomfortable feelings, so we tend to shut them down or deny them to keep moving. But they will always catch up with us and sometimes even stronger until we pay attention to them.

Paint is a remarkable tool that can help us to accept and release these blockages. It is very potent because it gives us a more tangible way to express what we sense within. It helps the mind to grasp these sensations and assimilate them better by seeing colors, lines, and shapes. In other words, representing what we feel helps the mind to feel safer and calmer and have more understanding of something that can seem abstract at first hand.

Bringing an image to live about what we feel inside can release tremendous anxiety and stress.

What other benefices will you get from the Meditative Paintings class?

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Jess LaPrade
Jess LaPrade
Sep 22, 2022

What a great opportunity to create and learn from such a prolific artist!!

Sep 22, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Jess!

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