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Empower your space & self

Fullyart’s mission is to bring new energy into your home, your business, and life.

Hi there,
I am glad you are here! 

My name is Sophie Piedra-Mansuet, I am a french visual artist and a healer based in Portland, Oregon.

I have created Fullyart a few years ago to combine my artistic aspirations and my experience in energy healing.


My aim is to spread the  magic of healing arts by combining painting and energy to create a creative and safe space to help you explore and discover your inner self. 


In creating Art, there is a healing process.

Healing practice is also an art that takes time, consistency, and love.

These two arts are similar, they are complementing each other to help your soul grow. In both practices,

I am using colors of light for healing and colors of the earth for painting.

What am I offer? 

Untitled design (25).png

What People Say?


Summer, Portland- OR

" When I look at that painting every time I feel like my soul needs more energy from nature. Sophie is not only a normal artist, she puts all of her energy and soul into each one of them. I love it!"

Anne Caron, Toulouse, France,distance healing 

“Sophie is practicing pranic healing on me since her beginnings as a healer. She helped me go through physical as well as emotional pain. She always does that with lots of care and compassion. I am trusting Sophie with all my soul. I can only recommend to reach up to her help you.

Etienne Mansuet , France. 

Awesome! Thanks a lot! I am impressed, I just told you to do a painting that represents me and Jo (my partner ) and you paint a masterpiece!! Now, when someone comes to my room, they can travel to every part of France that we love and honor. Thanks again! Great Artist! Toulouse-France

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