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Hi friend,
Welcome to my univers
Where subtle energy and Art are your allies to go on a beautiful inner journey.

I am Sophie Piedra-Mansuet. I am a creative, intuitive, and clairsentient soul passionate about the unseen world.

My aim is to help you navigate your emotions, calm your mind, and embrace your body to allow you to shine your life. In a few words, to assist you in waking up Love within and around you.

Love is the ultimate energy that every living being carries within them. This Love has often been covered with layers and layers of stories, and as we peel an onion, it just asks us to unfold them to find its original truth and radiate from in to out.

I am using different tools in my pocket to walk along your side in your journey as you can see your beautiful light shine.


In creating Art, there is a healing process.

Healing practice is also an art that takes time, consistency, and love.

These two arts are similar, they are complementing each other to help your soul grow. In both practices,

I am using colors of light for healing and colors of the earth for painting.

Energy medicine 

Here is a safe container where a lot of healing happens. Energy medicine combines many energy teaching I practice and put together to serve you. (Cord cutting, chakra balancing, akashic records, reprogramming energy,...) This non-touch healing modality is an excellent ally for releasing stuck energy, enhancing our overall well-being, feeling more energized, gain clarity.

PH edit_edited.jpg

Vibrational Art

Here, you can see my artistic expression. My new work is mainly done with watercolor on paper. I love that watercolor is the closest blender to nature (ecological and sustainable), and this material's spontaneous expression perfectly aligns with my intuitive creativity. My Art depicts the energy embodied in the present moment and is closely connected to my energy medicine practice. My Art vibrates at a specific frequency that will benefit you while meditating in front of it. 

vibrational painting


I am teaching children and adults to discover their inner world through Art. My teachings combine artistic creation and energy healing to tune in to your inner landscape and use colors, shapes, and lines to depict all your senses. It is an intuitive painting method that focuses more on the process than the results. One quote that describes perfectly meditative painting classes is: " Colors directly influence the soul." Wassily Kandinsky.

PHOTO-2023-03-03-13-49-28 2.JPG

Meditative painting & Chakras class series.

In these classes, we will explore our inner world and energy system through a unique creative process. 

It will help you to feel more energized, balanced, and whole. 

You will step by step discover yourself a little more by exploring your invisible world; the one where everything is starting. 

These classes involve a creative time where we will paint your inner landscape. If you want to know more, click the link below. 


Order your Soul Portrait.
Commissions are now open. 

Hi Friends! 

I have some exciting news!

Commissions are open again for Soul Portrait and handwriting reading. This package can be a perfect gift for a loved one. 

It will include a unique original watercolor and handwritten messages that your soul needs to receive at this present time. 

It will take me up to three weeks to create it and send it to you.

More details on the link below. 



What People Say?

Pranic healing .JPG
Anne Caron, Toulouse, France,distance healing 

“Sophie is practicing pranic healing on me since her beginnings as a healer. She helped me go through physical as well as emotional pain. She always does that with lots of care and compassion. I am trusting Sophie with all my soul. I can only recommend to reach up to her help you. ”


Summer, Portland- OR


Etienne Mansuet , France. 

Awesome! Thanks a lot! I am impressed, I just told you to do a painting that represents me and Jo (my partner ) and you paint a masterpiece!! Now, when someone comes to my room, they can travel to every part of France that we love and honor. Thanks again! Great Artist! Toulouse-France

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