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Commission a Soul Portrait

Hi there,

In my art, my tool to create is the paint and my drive is my sensibility and intuition.

I believe in the power of art to help us understand our life more.

Our life is a canvas, and life is not a calm and quiet stream but we can manage it by having more understanding of it.

By creating your Soul Portrait, my hope is to assist you in your journey. This piece of art will be a container of your inner essence at this present moment. It will symbolize you, one with life.
This watercolor, which I will create for you in a unique way will be constantly here to support you in your journey. I will capture your true self-expression at this moment and it will be both therapeutic and symbolic.

You could use this painting as an altar or simply a piece of art you can hang on your wall.

The artwork comes with a handwritten intuitive reading to give you insight and direction about where you are at in your soul's path right now.

It is good to renew a soul portrait every year, as it changes with time as we involve and grow.

It will take up to three weeks to create and carefully package your painting.
If you have any questions, please reach out. I will be happy to get back to you.



Commission a Soul Portrait

  • It can take me up to three weeks to create a soul painting.

    The shipping will take up to two weeks, depending on where you live.

    If the shipping is in the US, you can take  3-5 business days before receiving your painting.

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