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How the Planets Influence my Art and my life?

These past two years, my art has been very connected to Astrology.

Perhaps it is because I began noticing how the changes in our Solar System significantly impact our Planet Earth and all forms of life, including us. The correspondence between celestial observations and terrestrial events isn't new; it has been observed for millenniums and has helped humans smoothly handle the shift of seasons and natural cycles.

If Planets induce change in nature, it is likely to happen within us too.

The easiest way to see the connection between us and the Planets is to look closely at the Moon cycles and our mood swings, thought shifts, or body pain. All these signs are significant indicators that something triggers us, and it might be interesting to dig deeper to know the reason why.

During the primary two phases of the moon (new moon and full moon), as the moon is closest to the Earth, these signs became more apparent, and it became harder to ignore them. These phases often bring emotional, psychological, and physical blockages to the surface to help humans understand themselves a little better and grow. It helps us to dive deeper into our subconscious mind and reveal patterns that don't serve us anymore.

Planets can be great allies for those who know how to read them.

In my personal experience, I can now feel this connection almost instantaneously. When a shift of emotion appears within myself or in my relationship with others, I now check the moon calendar, and 90% of the time, it is during the new or full moon. This repetitive timeline tells me that I am now becoming more aware of how the moon cycle activates some parts of myself that I need to focus on improving in all areas of my life. It is also easier to manage its secondary effects ( more excessive emotions, headaches, cramps,...).

The influence of Planets on our behavior is a great way to put in front the importance of the unseen world, which I believe is very important because everything happens in the unseen before materializing around us. We co-create our life every day, and we have the power to change and transform it by recognizing our inner conflicts. Planets are great allies to help us sense and understand the messages given to us through different forms of languages (body sensations, emotions, and thoughts).

When I am creating a meditative painting, the moon is often present as the Sun, our Solar system star. Without them, life couldn't exist. This connection to life often shows up in my art as a reverence to them with love and gratitude. The Sun, the moon, and all the planets in our solar system hold archetypal energies that correspond to different aspects of your body, mind, and spirit. This profound influence on us at different levels make our life rich in senses and meanings. Representing our solar system in artistic ways helps me embody these energies and spread them out through my art.

If we dive deeper into the meaning of the Sun and the Moon. Solar energy tends to be masculine. The Sun reflects our vitality, willpower, vital energy, strength, courage, honor, and generosity. Moon energy is associated with our creativity, imagination, intuition, emotion, energy initiative, nurturing, and caring aspects of ourselves. I didn't list all the qualities of solar and moon energies, but it was just to show you how our solar system reflects on us. As the Sun and The moon are complementary to each other by holding opposite and complementary archetypes, we also have all these feminine and masculine qualities within us that need to be harmonized and balanced to flow with life.

Thank you for reading

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet

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