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How can paint speak for you?

Moon collection

Watercolor and archival ink on 8"x8" watercolor paper.

My art is a vehicle to express what my spirit is feeling, sensing, and breathing.

As it is hard to put into words, colors, textures, and lines are my allies to help me represent my state of being. The Moon Collection has been created while I was focusing on what my mind, my heart, and my body were telling me during the two most important phases of the moon (full and new moon).

I created these watercolors in a circle that symbolizes the shape of these two moon phases but also a universal symbol that represents wholeness, the self, the infinite, timelessness, and, all cyclic movement.

Each painting is an inner journey that has helped me to understand more my body and my heart language and how they spoke to me at the present moment. Abstraction and Imagination are the best styles I can use to speak about my inner-self.

Often it appeared an imaginary character that adds a better comprehension of the ambiance of each painting. The atmosphere can feel bubbly, meditative, fiery, steady, calm, explosive, etc...

Everybody will have their own impression in front of these modern watercolors. Feel free to let you be transported by the energy emitted by the fantasy sceneries from these circles' paintings.

Why did I choose the moon to paint my state of being?

Do you know that the moon has a great influence on the earth and mostly our beautiful ocean tides? Associated with gravity, the moon attracts the water as a magnet. As Human beings, we are composed of more than 70 % of water, so it will also make sense that the moon has a great influence on us at many levels (physical, mental, and emotional).

When you start to be aware of the moon cycle, you can start to notice some change within you at the same time that the moon reaches its fullness. It seems that at this time, our inner expressions are more enhanced and it becomes easier to identify our old patterns that are no longer serving us.

It is, for this reason, I decided to paint during this time of the month and use paint as a therapeutic tool to help me release energy blockages that were no longer bringing me good anymore. By fully embodying these emotions, releasing them, and transmuting them into higher frequencies, I let an energetic print into my paintings that can have a positive impact on your healing journey.

Thank you for reading

Fullyart by Sophie

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