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During an Eclipse time, are you more sensitive than usual? Here, are some tips to manage it.

Why I decided to speak about the Moon and the Sun this month, I guess it is because we are going through an eclipse period. I am not an astrologer, but as an empathic and energy worker, these celestial changes can strongly affect my daily life and routine. It is one of the main reasons I take extra care and time for myself during these periods. In this post wanted to share my understanding of it for cooling down this excess of emotions and using them to understand more about who we are. We had partial solar energy in Scorpio on October 25th, 2022; then, we will experience a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 7-8th, 2022 (today). These eclipses happen during the Scorpio season, a zodiac sign rules by Pluto. A planet (that has been erased from the Planet category, sadly) that is quite far from the Sun. Pluto is associated with the underworld, a world of intensity, destruction, transformation, and rebirth in astrology. Pluto is like the symbol of a phoenix, burning down what does not work to rise again.

What is an eclipse?

The short answer is when the Moon orbits Earth, the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth. During this lapse of time, a temporary shadow came to the Earth. This astronomic l event has more impact on us than we think. This obscure time is a potent ally to go within and do some shadow work.

What is shadow work?

It works with our unconscious mind to uncover the parts we repress and hide from ourselves. Our unconscious mind significantly impacts how we perceive our relationships with all the areas of our life. During an eclipse, our underlying beliefs and emotions pop up to the surface, and it helps us to understand how and why we are reacting or acting this specific way in life. Often, it makes us uncomfortable, and we can notice some resistance that can be revealed with different symptoms (headache, sore throat, frustration, insomnia,…). This resistance is normal because it shows us habits or beliefs we use to carry for a long time without even thinking that they prevent us from living more peacefully. Changing patterns is complex, and it takes tries before creating new ones.

How can we work with solar eclipses?

Try to take a moment for yourself.

Sometimes it can be hard to do with our daily routine or family duties. But it can be an excellent opportunity to ask for time for yourself to your family or partner and introduce healthy boundaries in your relationship. Take a moment to have a cup of tea, take a bath, turn on a candle, or stretch your body. A mindful action that will relax your nervous system and go back to your body. This alone time will help you understand these tensions more and acknowledge the emotions or thoughts attached to them. This time is precious to recognize them instead of resisting them. By allowing their presence within you, you already start accepting them and therefore letting them go.

Suppose you don't have time throughout the day to take a break during this sensitive time. You focus on breathing to help you manage your feelings before the last drop. For example, when you go to the bathroom or are in line to buy a cafe, you can focus on your belly and take the slowest breath to flush away the tension. Breathing through your gut, not your lungs is essential to feel more relief. When you breathe in, fill up your stomach first, and the air will go naturally up to your lungs. The 6-3-6 breathing method is potent to calm the mind and can help you quickly to cool down emotions (Breath in for six counts - hold for 3- breathe out for six counts). It will easily regulate your breathing and slow down your nervous system. This technique can be used any time throughout the day for a shorter amount of time.

Connect more deeply with the Moon by doing a simple ritual.

Rituals can help you to be consciously in the present moment. Take a moment alone, and sit comfortably without crossing any parts of your body.

- Trace un circle on the inside of your left wrist for the women and the inside of your right wrist for the men to connect with the Moon. While you are tracing it, say: "I connect to the moon" three times.

- Imagine the full Moon coming toward you; the upper half of the Moon will open as a box.

- Put the intention to offer her everything that doesn't serve you. Say out loud three times: "Moon, I give you everything that is connected to these feelings that I don't need anymore from any time, space, and dimension." three times.

- When you feel lighter in your body, imagine all the heavy energies you gave to the Moon freezing in her lower part. You can imagine the top of her lower part being an iced lake.

- Visualize the upper half will close on the lower half of the Moon.

Thanks to the Moon for her help.

Then imagine the Moon going back in place to our solar system.

You might feel at this time the frequency of your body change, a flow of energy going through your body, some tingling. Any sensation inside that doesn't create any uncomfortable is a sign that you release some resistance.

If you experience intense emotions such as frustration or anger.

Try to use it positively, for example:

Do more workouts during this period.

Go for a run.

Walk in the forest.

Allow yourself to screen (in your car, in nature).

Punch a pillow.

Don't feel guilty if these feelings pop up; it is normal and part of the healing process, and it is good to let them out even if we don't fully understand them. If we understand them, it will help us to accept these parts of who we are and to bring them into balance.

If you happen to come back to unhealthy eating habits.

They are often linked to emotions. Try to be mindful and remind yourself that your body is your temple.

For example, I have been craving more sugar during this period, and I know that underneath it is connected to emotions that haven't been released. I noticed it and tried to keep my habits healthy; instead of eating chocolate or ice cream, I eat dates or drink cacao. It is also comforting, gives natural sugar to my body, and helps my mind to let go of this idea of craving. It is essential to be mindful of what we offer to our body, especially when the frequency is high. Your body also needs a lot of water to integrate these energies.

Don't avoid conflicts. During this time, we tend to confine ourselves in our bubble, wanting more comfort than interacting with the outside world. If you are like me, you don't like conflict because it makes you uncomfortable. However, it is essential sometimes to face it to move forward. If you avoid it, it will come back later through other situations.

Try to go along with it, and accept it to help you release resistances that apply to the situation you are living in. This societal conflict tends to show up more during the eclipse time to show us what needs to be worked on. For that reason, it is essential to keep our balance by giving ourselves extra care.

Questions, don't hesitate to write a comment. A little ritual connection with the Moon will help you Happy total moon eclipse!

Thank you for reading

Sophie Piedra-Mansuet

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