Healing Painting 

What is it?

Art directly influences your soul.
Healing Painting is an opportunity to re-discover your inner-self through a co-creative process in a safe, judgment-free environment.
Healing paintings are sacred pieces of artwork, which are used to evoke healing, spiritual development, and meditation.
This piece of art will be a container of your inner essence. It will symbolize you, one with life, going with the flow and reflecting inward.
The painting will take its own shapes, colors, and patterns depending on the message, the intention that is being evoked by the person.
This artwork, which I will create for you in a unique way, will be constantly here to assist you with healing. I will capture your true self-expression and it will be both therapeutic and symbolic.
Healing painting has been used by many ancient cultures: Native American, Australian aborigines, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Even some prehistoric cave paintings have been known as an illustration of some ritual practices involving healing, and divination.
Healing painting is a symbol from the universe and gives us a sense of belonging as we examine our own connection within. It is used for insight, healing, and self-expression in a circular design, reflecting the wholeness of you.
This healing painting will reflect the wholeness of you, you could use it as an Altar. When you will connect to it, it will remind you who you really are. How you are a bright and wonderful being to live a life full experience. You will be safe to be fully you.
Using healing painting for helping your body, emotions, mind, and spirit :
Painting Healing can be used in many ways to improve your well-being:
  • It improves your motivation, confidence, and focus.
  • It helps to remove the obstacles to step forward in your life. 
  • Elevates your general energy.
  • I will channel healing energy anytime you need it and connect to it.  
  • Assists you in your spiritual journey.
  • Reduces Stress and emotions (anger, sadness, fear, phobia...).
  • Healing painting is a tool to support you in your healing journey. 

Frequently asked questions


In order for a healing painting to help you in your journey, the co-creation will take place during three weeks. We will meet via video call or in person one time a week for 1 hr. During this time, we will set up a specific intention and I will coach you to assist you releasing that doesn't serve you. Along the way, I will give your tips, guidance, exercises and energy healing if it is necessary. I will also ask you to do some intuitive painting exercises. No skill is required, it will just help you to unlock yourself, and connect with your soul. During the last week, I will create a personalized healing painting. This painting will channel a specific energy that will channel a specific energy that will help you to oversome that is blocking you at this present moment in your life.


The guideline are : - Take a booknote everywhere with you. It is handy to observe your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions during this three weeks process to see were your at. Also if your guides or spirits helpers send you some messages, sometimes it can be very subtle and fast, and we can forget them right away if we are not writting them down. - During each session, please have few piece of paper and some paint (watercolor, guache, acrylic ) or/and pencils, nothing fancy. - Give Yourselves permission to listen within and express our emotions – even the difficult ones – in a safe and healthy way, their energy is released and can transform as we reconnect with our centre. - Open your heart to welcome your soul.


- Inspire you to reconnect authentically with yourself. - Invite you to experience the innate wisdom of your body. - Engage and inspire you in your ability to heal and develop your intuition. - Provide you with an embodied experience of self-care and nurturing your spirits. - Provide a safe space to express difficult emotions in a healthy way. - Experience the presence of releasing that doesn't serve you during the process.


You will learn varies different tools that will benefit you. The tools will depend of which intention your set up at the beginning of this process. Everyone is unique, I will be guided to give you the right tool for you at this present moment. It can be guidances, practical tools, meditation, visualisation. All the tools you will learn will give you the opportunity to: - Gain self esteem - Recognize and shift old patterns and beliefs. - Listen to and trust your own intuitive voice and act upon it. - Tap into the internal power and life force energy that is within. - Trust in your process. - Feel empowered as you explore your deepest self. - Learn tools to move through your blocks. - Learn to keep the inner critic from sabotaging your life.


All of the tools and benefits that you will take away with you from this process can be integrated in your daily life and self-knowledge. However, it is sometimes hard to keep going while you are on your own in your routine. It is for this reason, you will also come back with a piece of art that will help you to keep growing and heal throughout your journey. I will create a painting for you in a unique way during the process, and when you will feel the need to connect with it, you will automatically receive a healing anytime you need. This healing painting will be a container of your true essence and will help you to keep going after our three weeks together.

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Color is a power which directly influences the soul..

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