Frequently asked questions


Why I make Art?

It has always surprised me how art can uplift your mood, your energy just by transforming the decor of your space. I create paintings to bring light to your home. I love how a painting on your wall can instantly change the perception, the energy, and the sense of your room.

Why I call them healing painting?

For years, I have been restoring murals for a living. This wonderful job did not only teach me to understand and reconstruct ancient decors, but I also started to feel a part of the space where I am working in. Ancient buildings such as churches, mansions and castles are printed with centuries of history, memories, and they diffuse a strong energy through the walls, objects and places where they are located. We are also doing the same in our living space. No matter where we are, we tend to create our own sense of history in our house. We plant some seeds in our home and make them grow without having conscious about it. Karen Kingston explained it very well in her book “The sense of the space”. She wrote: “Our homes are the extension of ourselves and an expression of our spiritual values and individual creativity”. In fact, all objects, walls and furnitures become infused with energy that we produce. Working with energy to help people heal made me interested in the energy that could possibly be radiating from my pieces of art. I realized that there was in fact energy being emitted from my art!

How my art can diffuse energy?

Working with energy to help people heal made me interested in the energy that could possibly be radiating from my pieces of art. I realized that there was in fact energy being emitted from my art! I asked myself : “How can I use my art not only to embody a space, but also to enhance the flow of energy to help its future owner harmonize their home?” While I am painting, I am creating emotions, these emotions that float around the object. It helps me to release some parts of me that won not serve me anymore; there is a healing process in every creative action. So, when I achieved a painting, I begin to clean it thoroughly to allow for some space to welcome new energy. And finally I energize it with healing energy that will be beneficial for his future owner. Because the materiel beauty can heal. I am intentionally creating paintings with a healing energy imprinted on it!

How to commission a healing painting?

Simply, contact Sophie here. If you want to learn more about commissionning a painting please go to my page "Commission" in the main menu to see how it works.

How long it will take to finish a commissionned healing painting?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of your painting. Upon completion you will be notified by email with a photograph of the painting. After paying the final 50% installment, plus shipping, your painting will be mailed to you. All items are shipped once a week and leave from Portland, Oregon, USA. Depending on your location, your item may arrive between 2-5 weeks. Please, contact Sophie Piedra-Mansuet, at fullyarbysophie@gmail.com for more informations.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs vary, depending of the size of the painting, and the shipping distance.

What is your refund policy?

Commissioned paintings are created uniquely for you and therefore require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the onset of the project. It is my goal to create a painting that inspires and uplifts you. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final product, we can work together to make changes that satisfy you or you may choose to be refunded the 50% final payment.

What does Copyright © All Rights Reserved mean?

The copyright holder of a creative work reserves all copyright-related rights, typically including the right to publish the work, to make derivative works of it, to distribute it, to make profit from it, to license a number of these rights to other people, and to forbid these uses by any unauthorized people, thus being entitled to take legal action against infringement.

Can I use your artwork for my presentation /project/poster/website/product?

You are welcome to use an image for non-commercial purposes. Just link this website, credit Sophie Piedra-Mansuet and send a quick email to fullyartbysophie@gmail.com to let me know. For commercial purposes you may purchase a digital copy of the image in high resolution from Sophie Piedra-Mansuet. Please contact her for further details.

What if my item was damaged during shipping?

If this unlikely event happened, you will receive a full refund or replacement if you provide all of the original packaging for the shipper's inspection.

What is your return policy?

You are welcome to return or exchange any item within two weeks as long as it is the same condition as when it left and includes all original packaging. If you return the item, you will receive the refund only if the item is in the same condition than sent it to you. The shipping cost is non-refundable.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for the collector's reference. This document will be on the inside of your box alongside the artwork with the handwritten signature of the artist.

What is your privacy policy?

I will never share your information collected with others.

What type of medium does Sophie use?

Your painting on gallery-wrapped canvas unframed will be first prepared with a high quality acrylic primer Golden gesso. I also like using Heavy Body Golden paints for my canvas and murals. I like the natural glossy of the paintings and I don't varnish or top coat them unless the client asks me to do it.


How to commission a mural?

Please, go to my page Commission on the main menu.

How long does painting a mural take?

It depends of the size and the difficulty of the design. Painting figures and trompe l'oeil take more time than a landscape. It will be easier to time the mural work after having a clear idea of the design.


How to book your session?

You can book your session by fill a simple form up. Feel free to add on the message area any concerns or details about your situation or discomfort.

What's happened after I booked my session?

When you booked your session. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to an e-learning pdf where you will get some tips to be more receptive during a session.

What is a typical healing session?

A typical Pranic healing session. At the beginning of the first session, we will connect via phone or video call and discuss your concern. After you will lie down and relax. You are free to take a nap, do some light exercises or meditate. During the healing, don’t engage yourself to any intellectual activities such as watching TV, reading, working on a project. This time is for you. Also, it is inadvisable to take a bath during the session. The session will be between 45 and 75 minutes.

What can I do during a healing session?

The most important thing to remember is that you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. When you will book a session, I will send to you a e-learning with few advices and techniques to feel relax during a session. Some of them will be required for creating a better connection.

What should I do after a healing session?

The energy will keep circulating in your body from 12 to 24 hours after a session. For having the most beneficial effects, it is advisable to not take a shower for the following 12 hours and drink plenty of water.

Which tools are used during a session?

A Pranic healer is channelling the energy through his hand or crystals. Either way, the person will receive the necessary amount of energy to make work their bodies, mind and spirit at their full potential.

In person or in distance, what is the difference?

The only difference is the personal choice. The effect is the same there is no difference.

What are the sensation during an healing session?

You can feel some sensations such as tingling, hit, cold or anything. Either way, it is fine. Most of people are feeling a sense of feeling relax and calm after a session. Sometimes some emotions can came out, it is normal, just let it go, don’t hold it. When you feel a sense of sadness, emptiness, don’t worry. It is a normal sensation of releasing some attachments that don’t serve you anymore. Your energy left some space to welcome positive emotions, thoughts, ideas!