Pricing artwork

Are you wondering how am I setting up my prices? 

HERE, A brief description of my criteria for a mural or, and a painting. 

SIZE (painting & mural)

The size is the most important criteria to define my prices. For a commissioned painting, the size of the canvas in inches will determine the starting price that will be refined with the complexity of the decor. My minimum price is $150 for an original. For a mural project, the cost is defined per square foot (PSF). It will range between $15 to $30 PSF for wall murals. By simply multiplying the weight times the high in feet, you will come up with a global price. The PSF increase with the size of the mural. However, if the commission included several walls and a big surface, the PSF will decrease to give a square foot discount to the client.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

COMPLEXITY OF THE DESIGN (painting & mural)

The complexity of the decor is the second criteria for the prices. For a commissioned painting, a figure will be the most pricy. For a mural, figures, and trompe l'oeil take time to do, it will increase the PSF.

DESIGN CREATION (painting & mural)

Why I am asking a non-refundable deposit design for a mural or I am including a design price for a commissioned painting? Because the creative part is 50% of the work. It is the first step, and it is brainstorming! I want to be sure that the client and I love that it will be created on the wall or the canvas. During three weeks, I will set up the composition, the scale, the colors, find the most appropriate creation to light up your room. We will also go force and back via email or call conversations to be sure that I am integrating your feedback in the artwork and my creation matches your expectations. It is for these reasons that it is required to remit a non-refundable deposit before getting starting.

TRAVEL FEE (mural)

If the mural project is located above 15miles, a charge fee will be added to the contract agreement.

SHIPPING FEE (painting)

I am living in Portland, OR. Take into consideration that sending an artwork outside the USA can be pricy, It might be a possibility to ship rolled the artwork for saving money. Specifically, if it is a large canvas. For shipping and return policy, please click to the link below, at the end of the page in the section HELP.

FRAMING FEE (painting)

If you want the painting on canvas to be framed, please send me an email.


If the wall is in poor condition, It will be possible to do some preparation for an extra charge. I have the experience of patching, sending, and apply two coats for a smooth finishing. If there are some structural or humidity problems, I will decline the offer.

Every Project is unique if you want to speak about your artwork project and get a proposal,