Do you want to bring new colors, texture, ambiance to your own space?

Every artwork is unique, we can work together to come up with your ideal decor. Either you have a general or specific design in mind, this page will help you to know how I process.  



Here I Will Explain the Process.

An Idea?

Think ahead to define your Idea. Here, a few tips to help you describe your project. - Canvas or Mural? - Medium (Only Acrylic) - Size: inches or square feet. - Theme: Landscape, trompe l'oeil, sea, figures, animals. - Space type:: home, commercial, public. - Outdoor or Indoor.


Give me a call or send me an email with a description of your project with a description of your project. Also if you can e-mail me some pictures of the current space before our first call, that will be ideal.


For a cost estimate, please contact me for a free consultation regarding the description of your project (See the sections above). After our conversation on call or onsite, I will come back to you with a quote. If you want to know more about how I came out with my prices, please check the pricing section below or click to the following link.

Sign contract agreement & Design Installment

In my proposal, I will attach a contract. If you agree to get started on the design, please send me back the signed contract with the deposit. The non-refundable design deposit will vary, depending if it is a canvas or a mural, and the size of the project. Why a design deposit? It is important to recognize the work behind the scene. Creating a custom mural or a design canvas takes time, and it is important for the artist to have a payment during the sketch process.

Design Process

During this time, it will be important to feel the energy of the space, to analyze its architecture, and to understand its history to come up with a design that is aligned with the demand. We will work together to define and create the most appropriate decor in our convenience. This work will be collaborative, we could also exchange pictures, images, ideas during the sketch time. Then I will present you two different watercolor on paper designs. After your first feedback, I will refine one selected sketch if needed and submit one follow up for your approval. The design selected will the roadmap for the canvas or the mural. Keep in mind that there is also important to let an intuitive creative part during the mural or canvas process. It can be influenced by this environment onsite or by some inspiration in the present in the studio. Also, The painting will be executed in Acrylic, be aware that the painting won't have the transparency effect of the watercolor unless you ask for it. The final artwork will have more matter than on the design.

Mural or Painting Deposit

I ask a 50% non-refundable installment payment of my total fee before starting the artwork. It will allow me to order the supplies needed ahead. At this time, we will confirm the starting date. We will take into consideration if any previous wall preparation, space organization need to be done before getting started.

Creation Process

During the artwork process, I will keep you updated, I will send you some photos as the work progress to be sure that the painting matches your expectation. If you are close by, feel free to come to visit me onsite. When I will be close to the completion, I will review the work together to speak about finishing and final touch up that can enlighten the artwork in its environment or on the canvas. Regarding the mural project, most of the time I will work around 6 to 7 hours by day. We will have to schedule a specific time, depending on which space will welcome the decor. It will be slightly different if it is in a public place or at your home. Painting mural outdoor is dependable on the weather and sun position. The painting time can be early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


Upon the completion of the painting, you will remit the final payment of the full remaining. In the case of a canvas, it will be added to the shipping fee.

It is a full commitment to order a commission. You need to be aligned with the mural artist and trust her/him from the beginning to the end. I hope this general description of the process will help you to have a better idea about the artwork process, murals, and canvas.
Here, some commission I did the past five years.