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This gallery shows all my artwork from the beginning of my career to now. 

I started my artistic path by restoring ancient murals, feel the soul of historical places, understand the traditional techniques and decor. Step by step, I had the desire to bring that I learned from the ancient to my own interpretation of the world by creating my own murals and paintings.


The focus of my work is to represent the unconscious through art. 

I bring awareness of the complexity and beauty of the world around us; seen and unseen.

I incorporate elements of nature, science and human being into my creativity and my imagination to reveal the mysterious component of life.

This process is my own interpretation of the unseen, which by painting it can be shared with others.

We are surrounded by the real, the material, the conscious, the control, the solid, but where is the surreal, the imagination, the creativity, the transparencies, the unconscious, the unknown?


The painting (colors, techniques, composition) is what most people will see, they will be inspired or not by it. However, what about the unseen? The unseen is the energy I infuse into my art while I am painting. By painting them, I balance my emotions. By showing them, I bring some harmonious ambiance to a space or help people to enlighten their inner-self. I believe in the power of Art. Art is not only the appearance, but there is also a hidden message, an energy that comes out from it.



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