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MURAL in a room- toulouse, france 2019 

During my time in my home town, I get an unexpected commission from one of my family members, my brother! He bought a new apartment and he had the desire to have a mural in one of his room that shows his life and aspirations for him and his partner, Joanne. This decor had to be done in a limited length of time (9 hours in total), so I had to come up with something simple but pleasant for the eyes. 

This landscape combines different view and iconic buildings from South-West and South-East of France that organized in a geometrical composition that adds a modern style to a classical decor.  

"Awesome! Thanks a lot! I am impressed. I just told you to do a painting that represents me and Joanne (my partner) and you paint a masterpiece! Now, when someone comes to my room, they can travel to every part of the South of France that we love and honor. Thanks again! Great Artist! " 

ETIENNE, Toulouse, France 

This collaborative mural was an unbelievable experience! I worked with a fine art artist, Jess LaPrade. We meet at an art show, and we quickly felt aligned with the same artistic vision. How art can have an impact on health and wellbeing? We created this mural in a beautiful greenhouse in a Healthcare center that welcome people with Alzheimer and dementia. We hope this mural will bring more joy and enthusiasm to the visitor. This mural project leads us to create Painting Pathways. Jess and I drive by the same desire to bring art in places where there is a need to have art and light for the better. Through our murals and workshops, our aim is to empower and provide transformational experiences that inspire you to feel more beauty, healing, and connection through art.

Please, visit our website at Painting Pathways.