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Relationship Healing 

More understanding, acceptance, and loving-kindness in our life.


Our relationships make our life. Our spouse, relatives, friends, business associates, employees, and employer are interacted continuously with us physically, emotionally and mentally. We have numerous relationships to manage and balance and it can be sometimes complicated, even overwhelmed.

Relationships are not only physical and intellectual exchanges; there is also a hidden part that is inherent in human interactions. Have you ever feel confident and happy or low and upset whenever you meet some people? When you realize that even words, thoughts and emotions have energy, you understand how these emotions are feeling from connecting with somebody or a group of person.

As we grow, the people we meet along our life grow within us mentally, and emotionally. The attachment gets profound; the emotions stronger; if these energies forms are not healthy and proper, it can have a really negative impact on our lives.


In marriage, you love a lot and forgive a lot. Love is the lubricant!

Master Choa Kok Sui


When you embrace yourself, you understand others.




Respect and endurance are some qualities necessary to improve our relationship.




Enriching oneself, and helping others grow.



Pranic Psychotherapy can help to remove rapidly negative thoughts and emotions between people, and the relationship can start improving.

Remember change is not an overnight process, however, we can use some powerful tools to help to harmonize and bring back happiness to your couple relationship.

Understanding, Acceptance, and loving-kindness are some of the tools can be used with Pranic psychotherapy to allow your relationship to improve substantially.

Forgiveness is one of the primary keys will help you to disintegrate the lower emotions toward your relationship, Twin heart meditation as well. Along the way, we will go more deeply in why and how we can create a tremendous change to let some space to a healthy and loving relationship.

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