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Give a second life to your ancient paintings.

Are you attached to a painting or a mural that has been adorning the wall of your home for decades?


As a decorative painter, Sophie has also had opportunities to restore murals. Here, she presents different examples of this particular type of work through diverse worksites, the tasks carried out range from the careful coat removal, the consolidation of the fragile parts, restoration and reconstruction. The implementations of these tasks are dependent on their environment. During the pictorial process, the inpaint has to be similar to the original in texture, transparency, gloss and color range.

Here, a few of the most pleasant job sites I achieved throughout my career in France: 


- Fondamente: Two of the eight landscapes at the property were restored. After a thorough cleaning, we consolidated the paint flakes that fell off, we patch it up and inpainted the missing parts of the paintings.

- Les Jacobins: This prestigious worksite, The Jacobin’s Convent, classified as a historic monument,  was an important worksite for nearly three years. Here, the Virgo Chapel is an example of a worksite that required all aspects of restoration, from the removal of the top paint layer to the reconstruction of the décor. A truly passionate work!

- Castel of Bournazel: In this castle from the 17th century we discovered a beautiful fresco, here is one restoration that required a minimal intervention.

- Church of Garidech: The exciting reconstruction of these ancient floral ornamentals was due to the discovery of a splendid decor, which was under the most recent blue starlit decor. Here we see the restoration of the relevant parts.  

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